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Hup! is the better way to build home extensions and conservatories, consisting of a fast to build and highly energy efficient wall solution that can be used in conjunction with any Ultraframe roof, allowing you to create every possible style of home extension, orangery, or conservatory, quickly and easily.

  • hup! is five times more energy efficient than the average UK home and uses Building Regulation compliant materials.
  • Five time faster to build than traditional methods, 10m² of hup! wall can be assembled in minutes!
  • Manufactured off site in a BBA approved factory, there is no cutting needed on site, reducing waste and time.
  • Choose any wall finish, windows & doors, and design, specify and price each project in our easy-to-use software.

Hup! A Building Revolution

See some examples of how customers have used Hup! to transform their homes and benefit from a new way to build extensions:

–  Ultimate design flexibility
–  Five times faster to build
–  Less trades – easy project management
–  Five times more energy efficient
–  Engineered by Ultraframe, Installed by Hadleigh Glass



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