Secondary Double Glazing

Secondary glazing is a cost effective method of retaining heat, improving security and reducing noise pollution, whether you are looking to guard against noise such as road traffic, or retain noise, for example in pubs and clubs.  This is done by installing a second internal frame to your existing windows. 

How is Noise Insulation Achieved?

The larger the gap, otherwise known as the 'cavity', between the existing window and the secondary frame, the better the sound proofing becomes. We suggest a minimum cavity of 100mm for increased sound reduction.  Road traffic noise pollution can be reduced by around 70-80% and can be reduced further by using acoustic glass.  Studies have shown that heat loss will also be reduced by up to 70%.   

Plus, we can match secondary glazing to your existing window colours, so they blend into your home or business.  To find out more about what we can offer you please click on the button below, call our friendly team or feel free to visit us in Ipswich, Copford or Hadleigh.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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